This guide is intended for people trained in the Enelph Method, as well as anyone interested in innovative healing methods.

This is the only authorised original guide of the Enelph Method. Through the channel of Phoebe Lauren the Enelph Method started to be placed on earth by beings from another vibration in 1996.The Enelph team wanted help in placing a “circle of golden light” consisting of their energy on earth.

The Guide contains the latest updates as well as a description of each treatment offered. Its form and the sequence of the different chapters are not due to chance but come from clear guidance received by the authors.This guide explains the foundations of the Method as it was originally channelled by the authors.

Beyond its shape and structure, it conveys a deep notion of unconditional love, respect for each other, and selfless service.

The Original Guide for Practitioners of the Enelph Method is now complete and final with the addition of new comments and treatments made public for the first time.

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