Enelph healings are holistic, that is, they take place simultaneously on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. These four levels are totally interconnected. The rebalancing is always “global”, that is to say that it affects all levels of being, even in cases where the patient experiences the disappearance of only one or more specific symptoms.

In fact, the method is very “physical”, fully welcoming a human being in his/her current incarnations, with his/her memories, paths of evolution, and bodies chosen for the current earthly experience.

Training in the practice of energy rebalancing according to the Enelph Method includes two components: :

  • Learning techniques and gestures along with the correct sequential progress for each treatment.
  • Enelph cellular activation which will allow the practitioner to be connected to the Enelph energy and to call upon it at any time.

The total duration of a training varies from one trainer to another. Some find that two or three days is sufficient, while others may offer a training that is longer and / or spread over two or three periods. Each trainer is guided and will offer you suitable training.

The practice of the Enelph method is intuitive and creative. One of the riches of the method is the great diversity of its practitioners, each with different beliefs, expertise and aspirations.

Some practitioners receive their patients in an office setting and use the method exclusively or in addition to other therapeutic tools. Others practice in a private way with their entourage and family (and do not appear in any directory or website).

We also have some trained caregivers who simply call on Enelph energy during their daily work with patients and who quietly help large numbers of people.

Others use Enelph energy to do distant healing, which can have the same level of success.

We can do most of the Enelph healing treatments on ourselves, and we can call on the energy to help us in our lives and those of others.

Enelph energy is also very efficient on animals.

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to receive training. Each person trained can immediately begin to train others, though in actuality most people practice the method for a while before venturing out to train others.